About us

Seva Switchgear began operations in 1990.

It was founded by engineers with 20 years’ experience in the field of switchgear.

The object was to develop and manufacture low voltage controlgear so as to give Indian industry products suited to the conditions that obtain in the developing world.

Seva observed early that the growth of global business, while creating opportunities and opening new markets, would also tend to stifle the small, medium local manufacturers and increase dependence on outsourced products, thereby harming the self reliance and independence of societies, states, nations.

Global designs tend to favour the requirements of the majority, to the detriment of the needs of the minority. It is up to the society, the state, the nation to guard against this danger.

With self reliance, character and a sense of service being the guiding principles, team Seva has designed, developed and made a range of LV contactors, and a variety of starters which are at once good in performance, economical and user friendly. They also encourage local activity in product assembly.

Our Products range includes LV Contactors upto 450A, Overload Relays, Oil immersed and Airbreak Motor starters, Push Buttons & PB Stations, Foot Switch, Rotary control Switches, Panel Isolators. We export Low voltage equipment to Germany & USA.

Our products have CPRI certification and have proven themselves in the field.

We now want to make them on a large scale. Having designed, tested, tooled up for and made contactors and starters successfully, we must now expand. Our satisfaction will come from our products being used in large quantities greatly benefiting the user and the economy.

We are seeking cooperation from manufacturers, who are in the line of electrical devices, and from traders who distribute them.

The broadminded cooperation must result in country wide availability and acceptance of the products.

It would be nice if you could be interested. Kindly get in touch with us.

In addition to low voltage switchgear, we also manufacture and export custom components and work closely with W. Gessmann GmbH, Germany. Products we deal with include -

  • Industrial joystick controllers
  • Crane control stations (armchair control for overhead cranes, ship to shore cranes, stacker reclaimers and material handling equipment
  • Foot switches
  • Wire wound potentiometers


    We also deal with Grammer AG Automotive & Seating Systems
    https://www.grammer.com/en/products-markets/seating- systems/construction-machinery/baumaschinen-actimo.html

    Write us at info@sevaspl.com